About 40 percent of cancers are preventable. The rest are bad luck

Dr. Bert Vogelstein , a co-author of the research, said that sticking to a healthy lifestyle and staying away from carcinogens is still necessary to lower one's risk for cancer mutation. The findings challenge the widespread view that cancer mutations are generally inherited or triggered by environmental factors. The findings showed that these bad luck mutations are the biggest cause of cancer when compared with other factors.

Nebraska preliminary jobless rate 3.2 percent in February

Preliminary estimates indicate total Kansas nonfarm jobs increased by 4,200 from January. The number of employed people increased by 10,512, while the number of unemployed workers decreased by 12,283. Last month's biggest gains were made in the government, construction and education and health service sectors. Comparing industries over the year, 7 of the 11 industry groups saw growth in available jobs.

Bird flu outbreaks have Minnesota, Wisconsin farmers on edge

Sick birds or unusual bird deaths can be reported to the state veterinarian at 828-2421 or to USDA at 1-866-536-7593. For big producers that means keeping birds indoors and making sure anyone who enters the space is virus-free. The Giles County chicken flock has been killed and investigators are testing nearby poultry facilities. Consumers should always follow best cooking practices when handling raw poultry or eggs, such as cleaning all kitchen surfaces and cooking meat to 165 degrees ...

Penn State confirms multiple mumps cases at main campus

Infection can be transmitted by coughing, sneezing, sharing items such as cups or beverages, intimate contact, or by touching surfaces with unwashed hands. People who become infected often do not show signs of the illness until 2-3 weeks after exposure. Mumps has also been reported at other colleges in the U.S.

Owning Cats Does Not Cause Mental Illness

Francesca Solmi , one of the researchers, insisted on reassuring cat owners that their pets pose no danger for the mental health of their children. "There is good evidence that T. Gondii exposure during pregnancy can lead to serious birth defects and other health problems in children". For cats to have the parasite in their systems, they first must eat contaminated raw meat or an infected rodent - which means that keeping your cat indoors goes a long way toward preventing an ...

Testosterone treatments may increase cardiac risks

The studies were funded primarily by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), part of the National Institutes of Health. The results are from the final four studies in a seven-part project mostly funded by the National Institute on Aging, involving almost 800 USA men aged 65 and older with low testosterone levels.

ACA replacement might not be ready until 2018

Trump and his fellow Republicans who control Congress are opponents of the ACA , often known as Obamacare , and they are working to repeal it. The president still calls the act a disaster, but now says Congress might not repeal it until next year.

Not the right time for an election, says MLA

The north's political parties are preparing for a snap election. Sinn Féin in Donegal will hold a meeting this Sunday for its members and supporters following the resignation of Martin McGuinness as Deputy First Minister. On June 5 2008 he was re-appointed as deputy First Minister to serve alongside Peter Robinson, who succeeded Paisley as First Minister. Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire said he was working to preserve the province's devolved government, after a "breakdown in ...

Hulu confirms deal for rights to live CBS broadcast, two other networks

Sling now offers the cheapest plan, $20 a month for about 30 channels. The new service will be priced under $40 and include its on-demand library and cloud DVR capability, said Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins separately at the Citi Internet, Media & Telecoms conference.

Train Derailment in Brooklyn; Dozens Injured

The most severe injury reported was a woman with a broken leg, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during a press conference at the busy commuter hub. 9, 2016. Pictures on social media showed a door at the station with smashed glass and fire and police rescue workers evacuating commuters from the train.

Deutsche Bank agrees to $7.2 billion settlement in mortgage probe

Two giants, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse , have agreed to multi-billion dollar settlements with the US Department of Justice , often abbreviated as the DoJ, over a decade-old toxic bond misselling scandal. Neither Deutsche nor Credit Suisse , which agreed to a similar settlement under which it would pay $5.3 billion, including $2.8 billion in consumer relief, provided details on what the consumer compensation would entail.

Apple in talks with Government to manufacture iPhones in India

According to The Journal , Apple sent a letter to India's federal government last month, outlining manufacturing plans and asking for financial incentives. The iPhone maker Foxconn also has factories in India where it assembles smartphones for Xiaomi, InFocus, Nokia and others. Over the past few years, the demand for iPhones has drastically increased.

3 dead in 40-car pileup in MI

The exact number of cars can not be determined until crews begin pulling them apart. Three people died and 11 were taken to hospitals. I-96 is closed in both directions in Livingston County due to an accident, the Michigan Department of Transportation is reporting on it's Ann Arbor-area Twitter feed.

Montgomery to hold Christmas tree lighting Sunday

Along with the ceremony, there will be a Holiday Street Festival. Lindsay Leach, special events coordinator for Spotsylvania County Parks & Recreation, said the 82 entries are expected to reignite nostalgia through their interpretation of Christmas classics.

Calgary Stampeders' Dave Dickenson named CFL's coach of the year

He finished the year with 5385 passing yards - good for second in the league - and 32 passing touchdowns, the most in the CFL through 20 weeks. BMO Field's seating capacity has been expanded from 27,000 to about 35,000 for the Grey Cup game.

Your dog can remember what you did

That scientists needed to prove such a thing may come as a surprise to dog owners. When it comes to having a short memory and getting easily distracted, dogs often get a bad rap. Fugazza , who works with one of the largest dog research outfits in the world, known as the MTA-ELTE Comparative Ethology Research Group in Budapest , Hungary, said the method goes beyond imitation to probe if a dog can unexpectedly remember an action from the past.

Great American Smokeout targets 40M Americans who still smoke

A smoker's heart rate and blood pressure drop just 20 minutes after stopping, and carbon monoxide levels in blood drop to normal after 12 hours. However, the fight is not over since 1 in 5 adults still use tobacco. 1 to 9 months: Coughing and shortness of breath decreases. Smoking reportedly contains over 250 chemicals that are harmful to humans, 69 of which have been shown to cause cancer in the lungs, esophagus, larynx, mouth, and throat.

Tues. 7:40 pm: Portman projected winner over Strickland

Networks called the race for Mr. Portman within minutes after the polls closed in the Buckeye State. Democrats were full of vigor to knock off the incumbent senator, and nominated former Democratic Gov. Strickland continued to campaign with Clinton and other Democrats through the weekend. Portman easily won his re-election bid over Democratic challenger Ted Strickland, the state's once-popular former governor, after a well-oiled campaign with a positive tone that contrasted with Trump's ...

Okla. police hunt for armed suspect in shooting of 2 officers

Vance, who was thought to have been shot twice in the torso, stole their patrol auto and fled. He is believed to still be armed with an AK-47, which shoots rounds capable of piercing police body armor. Later, on Sunday night, the 911 dispatch officials said Vance may have gotten a different vehicle, a silver 2008 Hyundai. An arrest warrant details the violent crime spree that left two dead and four injured, including two Oklahoma officers.

Relief, shattered dreams, as migrants leave Calais

During the moving, the migrants in the Calais camps will be segregated into different sections comprising of adults, families, unaccompanied children, elderly people, vulnerable individuals and single women. Campaigners, including Citizens UK, which said it had reunited 60 children from Calais with relatives in Britain since March, claim to have identified hundreds of children in the camp who have a right to come to the UK.

Stocks Moving After-Hours: Dividends, Guidance Cuts & Analyst Coverage

They set a "buy" rating and a $165.00 price objective on the stock. CL King lowered shares of Illumina from a buy rating to a neutral rating in a research report on Monday, August 22nd. When considering if perhaps the stock is under or overvalued, the average price target is $174.83 which is -6% under where the stock opened today. In this transaction, these shares were sold at value of $184.36 per share, according to the information disclosed by the Securities and Exchange Commission in a ...

Sprint to offer 1 million U.S. students free mobile devices

About 200,000 students each year for the next five years will be connected to the program, with each student receiving a free device and free Internet service for up to four years while in high school. This is where Sprint comes in. The network, along with the Sprint Foundation , has dubbed the initiative the "1Million Project," and plans to provide students with devices and internet access so that they can keep up with their classmates as education moves to the online sphere.

Thousands expected in Boston for breast cancer walk

Porter Airlines is the first scheduled Canadian airline to get involved in Fly Pink, a global aviation initiative raising awareness and funds for breast cancer. Dr. William Owens, Director of the Comprehensive Breast Care Center at Aurora BayCare Medical Center, spoke before the event, sharing stories of survivors and advice for preventing the disease.

Autopsies show sisters found dead in Seychelles had excess water in lungs

The autopsies say they died of acute pulmonary edema (and in Anne Marie's case also cerebral pulmonary edema) which is the accumulation of water in body tissues. Both women were from Minnesota , but Annie Korkki , 38, worked for JP Morgan Chase in Denver . Police say the women were seen drinking and were helped to their room by hotel personnel the night before they were found dead .

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This October also marks the 11-year anniversary of being cancer-free for Daily Greens™ founder and CEO, Shauna Martin. "Through this initiative, the Presidential Administration joins the list of institutions that promote the importance of prevention and early detection of breast cancer, the second most frequent form of cancer in Romania", reads a statement from the Presidency.