Knox teachers, parents skewer Trump pick DeVos at meeting

Trump's education nominee: unqualified and unprepared | Editorial
Chuck Schumer Goes Wild

27 January, 2017

Vermont NEA spokesman Darren Allen says bringing in someone like Chavous to talk about school choice sends the wrong message to people on both sides of the choice issue.

He ended his speech on a high note saying that DeVos is the ideal role model for all students in public and private schools, and that she will make sure that students perform well, and that all schools will be held accountable under her.

DeVos has spent almost 30 years as an education reformer, fighting to better the educational opportunities for low-income and at-risk children and is well known as a believer in the decentralization of education decisions to the family.

The comments from DeVos, who has never worked in public education and is a champion of charter schools and voucher programs, alarmed disability advocates. Tax filings showed she sat on the board of her mother's foundation for nearly two decades, a time in which the group gave more than $5 million to Focus on the Family.

This week Sen. Lamar Alexander rejected a Democrat's request for a second hearing with DeVos, sparing her from what would surely be a contentious hearing. Casey to stop the partisan swipes and give Pennsylvanians what they voted for by confirming DeVos as the next Secretary of Education.

We need someone who finds the right balance between charters and traditional public schools and who fights for school reform based on solid evidence. She appeared unaware that states can not decide whether they want to enforce federal civil rights laws protecting children with disabilities, and she suggested guns should be allowed in public schools to protect students from grizzly bears.

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DeVos has no experience in the public sector or with public education.

Despite Democrats pledging to vote against DeVos - including Democratic Senators like Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Chris Murphy of CT - she is expected to be confirmed when the Senate votes on January 31 due to the Republican majority.

Other congressional leaders say they have received a high number of calls regarding all Trump's Cabinet picks.

"I think that is a matter that's best left to the states", she continued. According to the Education Department's Office of Civil Rights, parents who use voucher programs can waive their children's rights under IDEA. I thank God that He has opened the door for a woman with integrity and the commitment to make sure our children have the best environment to receive the education suitable for each student. Her brother, Erik Prince, was the founder and CEO of Blackwater, the troubled mercenary firm that received billions in US government contracts in Iraq, and has reportedly been advising Trump. The American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, which openly collaborated with Obama, will, if anything, be more willing to offer up their services in suppressing the opposition by teachers, out of fear that they will be cut out of the process of pro-business "school reform". Tim Kaine's questions on standards of accountability and proposed that schools should be allowed to have guns in case of grizzly bears - it is clear that she is blatantly unqualified for the position. Public education is the cornerstone of our democracy.

Another point that was brought up during the hearing was the Individuals with Disabilities Act, which requires all public schools to provide students with disabilities with a free and appropriate education.

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