Trevor Noah Sons Tomi Lahren On The Daily Show

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah Calls 'Bulls–t' on 'Sore Winner' Donald Trump (Video)

02 December, 2016

"When the Black Lives Matter movement is going out with signs saying 'fry them like bacon, F the police, ' when they're going saying 'if you see a white person, target them, ' that is happening, Trevor", she said.

The Daily Show host asked Lahren what she wished people with opposing viewpoints would understand about her. He immediately followed the video with a question for Lahren: "Why are you so angry?" The back-and-forth was more reasonable than most of the presidential debates, at least, with both sides giving impassioned responses to one another in comprehensible English.

Since picking up the mantle after Jon Stewart retired a year ago, Noah has caught flack from long-time Daily Show viewers and the media who had only ever been accustomed to Stewart's signature style of reporting and interviewing.

After passionately defending herself against racism accusations, Lahren proclaimed: "I don't see color".

Noah and Lahren then spar over Kaepernick, with the conservative commentator saying that Kaepnernick is openly disrespecting the flag and to her the flag means patriotism.

Recently, Lahren's incendiary rants about Black Lives Matter and her condemnation of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick - who has protested social injustice buy refusing to stand during the national anthem before NFL games - have garnered biting rebukes. You're protesting a fair and free election, that to me says you need to be called on your sh- a bit.

Tomi Lahren

Lahren, a 24-year-old firebrand whose videos garner millions of views across Facebook and YouTube, is most notorious in liberal circles for calling the Black Lives Matter movement "the new Ku Klux Klan".

Because you realize Black Lives Matter can't be the new KKK, the KKK is still around ... A condensed version of the longer interview aired on Comedy Central (something that Lahren was not thrilled about), with the interview in its entirety being shared on the channel's website after its airing.

Noah quipped. "I don't believe in that at all when people say that". How should a black person bring up their grievances?.

That said, Lahren certainly held her own. But most critics have laid the blame, naturally, on new-ish host Trevor Noah, whose lighter, jokier approach lacks the informed, needling, barely sublimated outrage of Jon Stewart, and who-just over a year into the job-still hasn't been hardened and calcified into a gray-haired crank by the insanity of it all almost fast enough for our liking.

In a follow-up message, Lahren continued.

Lahren: "I don't protest".

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